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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The many moods of the river

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quiet Sunday morning

Padma was preparing breakfast and I was sitting here in quiet reverie when there was a sudden knock at the door. "Anybody home?" Visitors at "Riverbend"? Whatever happened to our cunningly arranged defences against the outside world such as creaky gates and puddles and fallen branches on the road? One always thinks of Jehovah's Witnesses at such moments but looking through the screendoor were two smiling faces. No witnesses to Jehovah, these two. They were Diane and Jack from Nowra, inquiring about accommodation at "Riverbend Cottage". They had just spent the night at a B & B in the village and wanted something a lot quieter for their next visit to the Clyde. Welcome to "Riverbend" where there's so much peace you can carry it in a bucket!

Oyster Farmer

We live on the Clyde River which is famous for its fantastic oysters. More fantastic even than the oysters on the Hawkesbury River. They haven't made a film about it yet but they made one about the life of the oyster farmers on the Hawkesbury. We've just watched it and it's a great Australian romantic comedy - with typical Australian black humour - about love and life on the Hawkesbury River. The little river communities, the oyster farmers with their long-held traditions, and the Vietnam vets who have formed a kind of isolated commune are beautifully evoked in an affectionate examination of unusual lifestyles.

The movie is wonderfully relaxing and visually appealing, even with the shots of the very sub-standard accommodation that many of the oyster farmers endure. Some of the images are just so peaceful and moving that it's a shame some of them have to end to make way for the next scene - early morning on the river is a classic example of this.

"Oyster Farmer" is a revelation. It is warm, humourous, engaging and most of all, totally believable and very rewarding. Bring on the oysters!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Is it that time of year again?

Well, we've just had our first inquiry for Christmas! Is it getting that close to it already? We haven't even had our winter yet which here on the river is one of the most beautiful seasons. Deliciously cool nights, rolling mists on the river in the morning, and warm days with big blue skies. And above it all the silence of the river ...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another peaceful morning ...

... at Riverbend Cottage. It's been a quiet start to the new year which is just the way we like it! The occasional visitor brightens up our day and the daily tourist-boat on its way up to the landing at Nelligen reminds us that there is still another world out there. If you're thinking of a holiday at the coast, this may well be the best time as it's no longer too hot and yet still warm enough to enjoy the water.

We wish you well in the new year and perhaps we'll see you soon?
Peter & Padma and the two K9s
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