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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walk, don't run, Runnyford Road!

For those who want to walk the Runnyford Road through the Mogo State Forest, here are some details:

Start from Nelligen Cemetery at the back of the village. If you think walking 21 km could kill you, this is a good time to choose a suitable plot!

From here it is about 1.7 km to the turn-off on the left side of the road where I usually join Runnyford Road, having crossed from "Riverbend" and climbed uphill a good kilometre-and-a-bit.

Another 2.3 km brings you to a fork in the road. Don't turn right onto Bolaro Mountain Road but follow Runnyford Road downhill.

It's another 4.5 km to the Runnymede property - see picture above. I don't know how long it took you to get here but you are too late - almost 800 years too late! - to meet King John as he signs the Magna Carta (you're on the wrong island anyway).

Walk a further 2.7 km and you come to Runnyford Bridge.

You've done a good 11 km, so stop for a while and take a rest. There's the Buckenbowra River to take a dip in; or say 'hello' to the horses in the paddocks. The beautiful property by the bridge has been restored to its former glory and is inhabitated again.

Once you cross the bridge, you're back on gravel and the following 7.5 km to Waterfall Creek, which is next to another large property, are not all that scenic anymore.

From Waterfall Creek it's another 2.3 km to the Princess Highway which you join about 5 km south of Batemans Bay.

Happy walking!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Broken doors, broken windows ... broken dreams ?

Looking across the Clyde to "Riverbend"

Across the river from "Riverbend", high up amongst the gumtrees, is an old cottage. It used to be lived in many years ago but nobody lives there now and it is slowly falling to pieces. And yet at one time it must have been the fulfillment of somebody's dreams as evidenced by old flowerbeds and a rusty kiddy's swing outside and a cosy fireplace and bookshelves inside.

I reflect on this impermanence and apparent pointlessness of all human endeavour every time I row across the river and climb up the steep track past the old cottage to walk the Runnyford Road.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Astraya Day!

A day for reflecting on my good fortunes. And to thank God for letting me be here. To thank Him for letting me be an Australian. Sometimes I think that if I am ever fortunate enough to reach Heaven, I will know I am there when I hear Him say, "Howyergoin'mate orright?"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hanna's Walk

We've had two visiting academics from the Australian National University in Canberra stay with us for a week. They were two charming young ladies, Hanna Kokko from Finland and Hope Klug from the USA - both professors no less! - who arrived on MURRAYS bus and really explored and enjoyed everything Nelligen and the Clyde River had to offer.

Hanna walked the entire length of Runnyford Road which runs from the back of Nelligen to just south of Batemans Bay (see green route on map) by first rowing across the Clyde in front of "Riverbend Cottage" and then climbing to the ridge where it joins up with Runnyford Road (soon to be renamed Hanna's Walk).

Both visited the Moruya Markets with Padma, canoed on the river, and attended Sunday's Country & Western Music performances in the village hall.

We encouraged them to get a taste of Australia by watching Australian movies which they did with Shiralee, Travelling North, and Storm Boy.

Hanna and Hope, you are our favourite guests and we hope you took away some happy memories!


P.S. We have just received this email from Hanna:

Hi Peter and Padma,

We're now back safely in Canberra and have been enthusing to everyone about our stay! It is a nice feeling indeed when opening the door of one's office and it feels like it's been ages since one last did it. Time becomes a very odd concept there, in the best possible way - it flies and at the same time it feels, well, timeless!

I'm pretty sure we'll meet again...

all the best and thanks again for all this



Saturday, January 2, 2010