Paradise has a name ... Riverbend


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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How relaxed can you get?

                                                     ... to this!

The magic of "Riverbend" at work once again! "Dark blue is the river; Golden is the sand; It flows along forever; With trees on either hand..."

Cath and Graham emailed us from home:

"It was such a surprise to arrive for the first time at Riverbend and find such an idyllic tranquil setting and the loo placement was not a hindrance in any way - in fact probably worked better than if it was part of the apartment. This way we got to see the clear skies and stars in the middle of the night when otherwise we may not have ventured out at all. Cath and I enjoyed your company and hospitality. Thanks also for the use of the canoe. We'll be in touch no doubt. Take care and all the best and thanks again for a lovely week. Sincerely Graham and Catherine, Sydney"

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