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Monday, October 7, 2013

A Cottage with a View

Water, water, every where, And not a worry in the world


Our Canberra guests Bobby and Thomas and their little fox 'terror' Bibi are gone again but not before leaving some beautiful comments and photos behind:


Dear Peter and Padma,

Thomas and I had a wonderful stay; we appreciated your generous hospitality. I particularly liked the food that Padma so graciously made - wanton and nasi goreng - delicious.

Like your other guests, we appreciated the tranquility and natural beauy of Riverbend: the birds, the trees, the wind sighing through the branches, and of course the river. Our two excursions on the Clyde River were magnificent, made more enjoyable by Peter picking us up in Batemans Bay so no pedalling upstream. The sights and sounds of the water are unforgettable, especially enjoyable in the tranquil mornings.

Of course, we mustn't forget Bibi, our puppy fox terrier, who delighted in herding the sheep, chasing the ducks, chasing the ball - endlessly - and navigating the river on the back of our HOBIE.

We also appreciated the beers, the chats - and getting to know you and your babies Rover and Malty much better. Thank you for those additional treats and considerate thoughts: the hat, the snacks, the ice creams, the video recommendations and the local tour advice.

We will long remember our stay and look forward to the next one.

Bobby and Thomas and Bibi


P.S. will return ... would like to do the Shallow Crossing stage of the river .... downstream .... not upstream! :)


Thomas at Broulee Beach

Bobby ...

... and Thomas at Batemans Bay ...

... after having kayaked down the river from "Riverbend"

You've heard of green thumbs; what about green toes?


And here is Bobby when she's not wearing green-toed sandals.